Open thread, Surfen-multimedia

With thanks to hypatia for the glorious video link and apologies to Liz, whose idea it was to blog this.

Surfen-multimedia by Euro-Cats came sixth in the German final to choose the entrant for the 1996 Eurovision song contest. But it is forever #1 in our hearts.

What’s your favourite Eurovision entry of all time? How many costume changes would feature in your Eurovision performance? And if anything is somehow more prominent than Eurovision in your thoughts right now, what is it, and why?.

One thought on “Open thread, Surfen-multimedia

  1. rho

    I have many many favourites from Eurovisions past, but if I had to choose one, I think I’d have to go with another German entry: their entry to 2003’s competition, Let’sGet Happy, by Lou for exuberance, campness, and a kickass singer.

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