Open Thread: Turtles!

Today’s open thread is brought to you by turtles.

You're a turtle!

I feel the xkcd comic above is much funnier if you read it then watch this terribly educational video about turtles:

Now that you know all about turtles… it’s time for an open thread! We have these every few weeks so that people can comment on older posts, make suggestions, and talk about feminist stuff. Nothing is off-topic for this post as long as you fit within our comment guidelines. Have fun!

(PS – That’s a tortoise.)

3 thoughts on “Open Thread: Turtles!

  1. Jessica

    There’s been a recent surge in programming outreach events for women that GeekFeminism readers might be interested in, including the Boston Python Workshop (, PyLadies (, and PyStar (

    The Boston Python Workshop summarizes what they’ve learned about running Python outreach events for women and their friends:

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