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To contact the blog writers privately, please leave a comment on this page. Read the entire page before leaving a comment for important guidelines, including privacy.

Is this the right place for you?

Comments on this page are private by default. We prefer public communication where it is safe to do so. If it is safe for you, please leave a comment on a blog entry instead of using this form. Our comment policy includes a guide to leaving public comments not linked with your usual identities.

Specifically, you can:

  1. suggest links for linkspams on the latest linkspam post
  2. advertise jobs, scholarships, volunteer opportunities on the latest open classifieds post

Comments in the above categories left on this page will not be responded to.

We generally do not advise on or promote other people’s work on request. We have too many such requests and too much difficult assessing its quality. If you are contacting us to promote a product such as a film, book, article, app or game, whether for profit or not for profit, or to promote a fundraising campaign, we are very unlikely to respond to your enquiry. Please submit such things to a linkspam or classifieds thread instead.

Guest post proposals must be made on the guest post page. Any guest post proposals on this page will be deleted without response.

The Geek Feminism blog is not equipped to do crisis response. Please search online for “[your location] crisis hotline” and similar if you are in a crisis situation to reach professionals or trained volunteers. We are also not equipped to do one-on-one emotional support of any kind, nor to provide extensive advice on sexist incidents or feminist initiatives in your community. The Geek Feminism wiki resources pages may be helpful.

How to leave a comment

Leave a comment below. You must include a real, working email address if you want a response.

Please give us some idea of what you are asking for in your comment. We cannot refer “Please contact me” to the right person.

Privacy alert: we cannot offer a strong confidentiality promise. Comments on this page are not routinely made public but might be made so briefly by accident. If we believe anyone’s safety is at risk based on your comment, we may also share the comment with appropriate authorities. In any event, your comment will be potentially seen by many Geek Feminism authors. Please review your comment carefully to make sure you are not disclosing information that would harm you if it became public.

Replies to comments left on this page are best effort. We will endeavour to reply to good faith feedback and requests for information with at least an acknowledgement, but cannot guarentee a reply.

2 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. S

    Thank you for posting what happened to me on the wiki timeline. I hope making it public helps someone one day.


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