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Quick Hit: Gendered advertising remixer

Ever wanted to see a crib playset for My Little Ponies advertised as a GI Joe command center? Then Gendered Adversiting Remixer is the place for you. This is more outright feminism than geek feminism, I realise, but I found it disturbingly entertaining and wanted to share.

It lets you select advertisements and show the audio for one while playing the video for the other. Divide them up along gender lines and… well, it’s kind of disturbing but fascinating how “well” the clips line up. Go play with it a bit and you’ll see what I mean.

Screenshot of the Gendered Advertising Remixer

Screenshot of the Gendered Advertising Remixer

But he’s really a nice linkspam (24th February, 2011)

  • Ada Lovelace Day, the once a year blogswarm highlighting women in technology will be held on October 7 (unlike the previous two years when it was held in March).
  • More keynoters in the open source space: Runa Bhattacharjee and Lydia Pintscher are two of the three keynotes for conf.kde.in 2011.
  • My mom has a PhD in Math” – fighting back against gendered advertising.
  • @victoriajanssen tweets: “FIVE of the SIX Nebula nominations for novel were written by WOMEN!!!” as well as 4 women nominees for short story. (via @skud)
  • Top Secret Rosies is a documentary made last year about the computers of WWII, “when computers were human and women were underestimated.”
  • Hillary Rosner writes about learning that she really did like science after all.

One year I took an introductory genetics class (“genes for jocks”), just to confirm that science still sucked, and when I earned a C+ I retreated, satisfied, to the comfort of literature, politics, and cultural theory.

And then a strange thing happened. Several years into my journalism career, I became captivated by stories about the environment. I couldn’t read enough of them.

  • Cordelia Fine of “Delusions of Gender” fame writes about sexist speeches by former Harvard Presidents, and straw-feminists [trigger warning for discussion of essentialism].

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