Open thread: digging out

It’s been a couple of weeks since our previous open thread, so it’s time for a new one.  We create these from time to time so that there is an opportunity for general discussion in the comments. So, go for it. Tell us what’s on your mind.

As for me, I’ll be digging out from a mountain of email:

13 thoughts on “Open thread: digging out

  1. Cesy

    At the moment I’m busy seething over the latest disability nonsense at Feministing. Anyone got anything happy to cheer me up?

    1. Melissa


      I just lol’d at some futurespam with the subject of “The Zombie Survival Guide”. I would like more of these spamz and less of the awful nonsensical or dicky stuff.

  2. lauredhel

    I was just pointed to this – a Microsoft ‘evangelist’ at an event in LA, in a session aimed at Women In Tech, “started fanning himself with a paper and commented that the room was warm because all the women were simultaneously hot flashing.”

  3. Liz

    Had my coffee and read the start of “Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder”, a very interesting biography! Now about to dive into work and figure out where my code merges went wrong yesterday.

  4. Asad

    Tell us what’s on your mind.

    My inner 6-year-old, who generally gets total free rein, wants me to tell you that my meninges are on my mind.

  5. Bene

    Reading Gwyneth Jones’ Spirit and wondering if anyone else has read it or the Bold as Love books. They didn’t get US release, so I’m a bit SOL for access, but maybe they made it to the Antipodes? I have lots to say so far.

  6. Marisa

    I’m wondering if there are any success stories somewhere about embracing beauty in the work place. I’m young and pretty, and I’ve always thought that this complimented my drive and determination. I’m smart and an asset to the company. I thought my confidence and enthusiasm was helping create an energetic, successful work environment. But recently I’ve learned that enjoying working with me isn’t the same as respecting me. I have been labeled as “the girl” at my company in a very public forum. (As opposed to the woman, lady, manager, speaker, etc.) I constantly worry that if I don’t dress conservatively I won’t be taken seriously. Is the lesson here that I can’t get respect no matter how I dress? I realize this is more of an age prejudice than gender.
    So I’m wondering, is it possible to dress nicely and look beautiful in the IT workplace without getting hated on by both men and women? (Especially in IT where the dress code is notoriously casual.)

  7. Teresa

    Hi! I loved the National Coming Out Day post and wanted to write you guys an e-mail about the thoughts it sparked. It would be great if you could contact me and tell me where to send it!

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