Two more women-learning-python things

First up, via Nat at O’Reilly Radar, I found a link to Julie Learns Python, where Julie Steele is blogging her experiences learning the programming language.

She’s meeting regularly with a group who are working through an introductory Python book together, and her most recent post describes a recent programming effort, her trials and failures and eventual success, and what she came to realise:

The point is: it’s in me. I wasn’t sure that is was, and now I know—it is.

And what, exactly, is “it”? It is the bug. It is the combination of native curiosity and stubbornness that made me play around with the code and take some wild guesses instead of running straight to Google (or choosing to stay within the bounds of the exercise). That might sound like a small thing, but I know it is not. I was determined to make the program do what I wanted it to do, I came up with a few guesses as to how to do that, and I kept trying different things until I succeeded (and then I felt thrilled).

As much as I have to learn, I know now that I really am hooked. And that I’ll get there.

Elsewhere, on Dreamwidth1, Elz, one of the lead programmers on the OTW’s Archive Of Our Own2, decided that there were some gaps in her education that she wanted to fill, and is drawing together a group who will study MIT’s Open Courseware Introduction to Computer Science over the next few months.

The course teaches basic CS concepts using the Python programming language, and doesn’t require any previous programming experience.

The community’s at You’ll need a Dreamwidth account to join and post, but anyone’s welcome to follow along without signing up. If you want a DW invite code, let me know in comments — I’ve got a heap still to give away! I’ve signed up, because I’m sure my education’s got a lot of the same gaps.

I love hearing about women teaching themselves programming. Got any other links or stories like that to share?


7 thoughts on “Two more women-learning-python things

  1. Dorothea Salo

    W00t! Subscribed to the DW comm.

    A small story: when I managed (by dint of many hours and much swearing) to make my first Python program ever actually run, I emailed the colleague who had gotten me started in high glee. “Congratulations,” he emailed back. “You’ve bootstrapped your internal Python interpreter.”

    I still love that.

  2. Person

    This is such a fantastic idea and I’d really like to participate. Would you share a Dreamwidth invite code with me? Thank you!

  3. G

    Sounds like a good idea. I’m one of the many developers out there who learned on the job so I don’t have any academic background in CS.

    Please send me an invite code. Thanks.

  4. CalltheDoctor

    I’d love an invite code.

    I’ve just recently starting relearning HTML in preparation for learning PHP, but Python is second on my list.

  5. laura

    I may try my hand at this–thanks for the pointer! And I’d love an invite code, if you are still looking to give some away.

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