Mary just excluded a Twilight critique from a recent linkspam because, quote, “if we start linking to that we’ll never stop”. She has a point. And yet, there is a lot of interesting geeky feminist critique of Twilight out there. Many of you have probably already seen this mashup of Twilight with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for example:

So, while we don’t much relish the idea of becoming the All Twilight All The Time channel, we figured it was worth offering an opportunity for geek feminist discussion of Twilight, or for links to such discussion elsewhere. This is that thread. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “ObTwilight

  1. gchick

    I’m not a Twilight fan myself, but even so I enjoyed the hell out of this post at Bitch, which is a great takedown of some of the totally incoherent ways the whole phenomenon is being used to draw whatever conclusions people want about girls’ sexuality.

    1. pfctdayelise

      Well I only use the geekfeminism tag with the intent to say “here’s something potentially of interest”, not “I will be crushed if you don’t include this link”.

      That’s an awesome video mashup. I am so out of the loop. :)

      1. Mary

        Yours was not the first delicious suggestion to be dropped and surely won’t be the last, but once it inspired a whole post I thought it was worth pointing out which link it actually was…

  2. Mackenzie

    Phone call with my sister a year ago:
    Her: I’m reading a book
    Me: For school?
    Her: No
    Me: For fun???
    Her: Yeah
    Me: *blink* *blink* *pick jaw up off floor* What book?
    Her: “Twilight”

    Hey, it got her to read a book, of her own free will for the first time ever. At age 19. Wow. Ya know, if she’s reading…maybe there’s hope yet of getting her over to the geek side…or at least getting her to stop making fun of me for reading.

    Besides, I liked the series. I liked Anne Rice too. Vampires are seductive, and…well with the biting I could see an argument for kink in there too! :P

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