A linkspam in every home (23rd December, 2009)

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7 thoughts on “A linkspam in every home (23rd December, 2009)

  1. Eivind

    Logitech may have self-interest in the issue, but it jives with my experiences. My mother in law (~62)s wish for christmas ? A usb-stick with more storage than her current 8GB one which is getting overfull with pics of grandchildren, videos downloaded from youtube, music and a metric ton of Gutenberg-books.

  2. Restructure!

    David Anderegg is just wrong and outdated. Maybe the terms “geek” and “nerd” had negative connotations like 5 years ago, but I find that many people self-identify as geeks now, with the rise of social technology. (Of course, I was geek since it was unpopular to be one.)

  3. Clara

    Thank you for the link! We’d love to see people who frequent GF also joining and posting over at Stemming. :)

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