Wiscon panel brainstorming post

Those of you who attend WisCon probably already know that they are seeking program ideas. For those who have never attended WisCon before, it is a Feminist Science Fiction Convention held each May in Madison, Wisconsin. I went for the first time last year, and met many of the GF bloggers there for the first time, not to mention many of our regular commenters. It was a great experience, and one I look forward to repeating this year. If you’ve never been to an SF convention before, I can recommend this one to first-timers.

Anyway! My point! I had one!

Program suggestions close on the 22nd. What are you going to suggest? Got any half-formed ideas you’d like to bounce around? Do any of the geek feminist events of 2009 suggest panels? And the most important question: GF Party Y/Y?

2 thoughts on “Wiscon panel brainstorming post

  1. Skud Post author

    I just submitted this one:

    Title: Alphabetically by author’s favourite pizza topping: how do we organize fannish information?

    Description: How do we, as fans, categorise and conceptualise our fannish interests? From the Dewey Decimal System to delicious.com, from Wikipedia to the OTW’s Archive Of Our Own, from boxes full of comic books to the Semantic Web… let’s talk about how we do this thing, share war stories, and maybe learn some new tools or techniques. Some questions to consider: Do different platforms/use cases suggest different styles of categorisation? Are hierarchies beneficial? How is modeling a fictional universe (or universes, or multiverses) different from modeling the real world? Should folksonomy participants adhere to community standards? Who or what is the most uncategorisable thing in the fannish world?

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