Open Thread: A rose by any other…

Today’s Open Thread is hosted by the newly named baby elephant from Taronga Zoo:

Pathi Harn, the miracle elephant

A tiny baby elephant is hiding under his mother's belly as they frolic in water. His trunk is raised and his mouth open in a cheery expression akin to "IT'S GOOD TO BE ALIVE :D !!1!"

Minister for Climate Change and the Environment, Frank Sartor, today announced that Taronga’s new elephant calf will be named Pathi Harn (pronounced ‘par tea harn’).

“The people of NSW and zoo keepers have chosen Pathi Harn – the Thai word for miracle – as the new name for Mr Shuffles,” Mr Sartor said.

The little darling has been called a miracle since his birth, as zoo vets had given up hope that he would be born alive after they ceased to detect signs of life.

Anyway, during an IRC conversation earlier today Mary noted that we really don’t have a name for our beloved commenters:

<mary> You know, doesn’t have a name for our commenters.
<mary> I mean, like Twisty‘s Blamers, or Shakesville‘s Shakers.

We figure, what the heck, why not let you name yourselves. In a similar fashion to how the adorable bundle of ubercute above was named, we’ll take ideas and poll the suggestions we like most in a future thread.

So, Open Threaders: What do you, our community, wish to be nicknamed?

16 thoughts on “Open Thread: A rose by any other…

  1. Daniel Martin

    How about “the collective”?

    “Collective” has a history as a word associated with feminist groups, and “.org” sounds an awful lot like “borg”, and there’s no way a Star Trek reference isn’t geeky.

    (And it can be referred to as “The Anita Borg Memorial Collective” or something like that officially for extra geekfeminism-related references)

    1. Rick

      IIRC “hivers” was suggested, which immediately made me think of “zerglings”. I’m not sure the reference is inferrable enough, though.

      “Collective” is my favourite so far.

        1. Alice

          I like the hive mind analogy, so I did a little Wikipedia-ing to try and find a suitably geeky and tongue-in-cheek extension to the metaphor.
          I looked at bees ( drones, workers, queens, honeybees, beeswax.
          I looked at swarm intelligence ( ants, agents, swarmers.
          I looked at collective consciousness ( but didn’t get any inspiration there.

          My pick would probably be ‘hive agent’ as it sounds slightly geeky and slightly spy thriller-esque: I personally don’t identify with Star Trek or more obscure sci-fi references! However, I’m a fan of ‘hiveling’ too (despite not getting the reference at all).

    2. Mary

      “Collective” doesn’t apply to an individual though. If you wanted to say “Mary is a _____” or “I’m a _____” about a reader, what noun would you use?

      1. Daniel Martin

        Wouldn’t you say “I’m part of the collective”? Or “Mary is part of the collective” or “Mary has joined the collective” or possibly “Mary has been assimilated”, though that seems a bit much.

        This term may lose out to geminists though.

        1. Melissa Post author

          Ok, pretend we need to Hat Tip a commenter or attribute a guest post to them. Does “Part of the collective Mary” work in that context? No. “Shaker Mary” or “Blamer Mary” does. We want something like the examples I provided in the post.

      1. Leigh Honeywell

        amazingly, many of the comments on the blag spz linked to actually manage to focus on her work. refreshing, despite the title of the post :)

  2. Tina Lee

    Please forward if you know of a brilliant woman who wants to volunteer in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    APWLD has an opportunity to provide support for a volunteer Web Developer here at the Chiang Mai secretariat. If you know of a woman candidate that has experience in website design and programming, we’d love to hear from her. The position will be responsible for the complete technical development of a new APWLD website as well as IT responsibilities supporting the secretariat and members. The candidate should have a commitment to activism and women’s human rights.
    Through an opportunity with a funder the volunteer Web Developer would be provided with a relocation allowance, insurance, a 4 week orientation and language course, a living allowance and accommodation allowance. She would have the institutional support of the funder and APWLD while here in Chiang Mai. The position would be for a minimum of 6 months, possibly extending to 13 months.

    Any inquiries, can be addressed to Tina,

    Thank You,

    Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) is an independent, non-government, non-profit organisation committed to enabling women to use law as in instrument of change to achieve equality, justice, peace and development.

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