There Is A Feminist Cabal

We, the Feminists of Geek, have been saying for years now — even prior to the formation of this blog — that There Is No (Feminist) Cabal. So as you can imagine, I am probably going to get in loads of trouble for saying this; There Is A Feminist Cabal.

It is called The Hive Vagina.

The Vagina works towards it’s ambitions by unifying the voices of feminists globally. Nobody knows who The Vagina actually consists of; we regular feminists are mere messengers, and simply subscribe to a common theory. It is this party line that we preach.

This approach has worked wonders and things have changed a lot over the past few years. Feminists are now able to be a lot more outspoken, and The Vagina now has more influence in more parts of every day life than ever before. It has decided, in its infinite wisdom, to establish jurisdictions and delegate maintenance of control to various groups.

As you might have guessed, The Vagina’s goals encompass far more than just the realm of the Geeky, however part of its desire indeed includes the aim to reclaim the Internet from misogyny. is hence thrilled to announce that after a fairly arduous application process, we have successfully been granted the role of Guardian of Geekdoms.

We’re still pretty new to the expectations of our new role and it’s associated processes as decreed by The Vagina, so we’ll be updating you on that over the next few days and weeks as all the regular bloggers read through the manifest. One thing that has been made plainly clear to us even now in this early stage of the transitioning process, is The Vagina’s expectation that we will immediately implement a process to indicate geeky sites that meet the strict set of criteria set by The Vagina and are hence Geek Feminist Friendly.

While we fully intend to work on eventually implementing a graded system (gold, silver, bronze, etc) so that we can distinguish exemplary specimens, we’ve settled on a simple single rating system for now. Approved sites will be permitted to carry the following 31x88px badge:

The Hive Vagina Approved Site Badge

Over the next few weeks, our Inspection Taskforce will be getting in contact with owners of geeky websites with the results of their rating, indicating whether they are permitted to carry this seal of approval. Sites will be subject to a regular review process and the numbers on the badge will dynamically update on a per-domain basis with the last approved date. If a site is no longer eligible to hold this certification, the badge will display “VOID” in place of the date.

The Inspection Taskforce expects the initial review process to take rather a long time, so those who wish to apply for expedited processing may carry the following badge to indicate willingness to respond promptly to any concerns and so forth:

The Hive Vagina Hopeful Site Badge

We are really excited to have this opportunity to work for the great Feminist Cabal, and we hope you are just as excited as we are about the new and exciting phase of in the Internet’s lifecycle that we’re launching in to from today.

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