Announcing the Sometechbrand Universe S Butch!

It’s almost impossible to get guys to enjoy tech, which is why we’re absolutely thrilled to announce the Sometechbrand Universe S Butch – the ULTIMATE phone for guys!

The cornflower blue Universe S for Guys today landed in Taiwan. Well, it is not just a phone, it is a full deal. Sometechbrand and Jerks, a US based jerky company have started selling the Universe S Butch pack, which includes a complete Jerks jerky sampling kit including spicy and extra chewy varieties from the manufacturer, a voucher for a round of gun ammunition as well as a 4GB microSD card that includes Jerks made software in order to help and advise men on which Jerks jerky flavour they need for particular occasions, and a Cornflower Blue Universe S phone from Sometechbrand!

For the adventurous amongst us, lets have some fun with our favourite photo hosting site and Photoshop/Paintshop/FOSS-alternatives! Your mission, should you so choose to accept, is to create advertising or a media pose (like the woman with the makeup and that candy-pink thing is doing). And remember, the more absurd, the better!

If you’re not sure what we’re on about, visit here or Google for “samsung + aveda”.

7 thoughts on “Announcing the Sometechbrand Universe S Butch!

  1. Alan Bell

    cornflower blue is for boys, real men have camouflage phones like this one Quite how one could get about the urban jungle without a Hummer branded camouflaged dog-and-bone is a mystery.
    Both are deeply patronizing, however I bet the pink thing with smelly stuff will sell better than the Hummer one did. Personally I have a Dell Streak which is kinda huge which does put it in the “phones for big boys” category. I don’t really see the harm in fashion phones as a concept, and indeed packaging technology in a way designed to appeal to women is generally a positive thing, this one just seems to have slid a bit too far along the scale of “appealing to women” into the “patronizing to women” zone.

    1. Melissa Post author

      Also, let me put this simply:

      There’s nothing wrong with a gadget that is pink.

      There is everything wrong with a gadget that is “for girls” because it is pink.

      There is even more wrong with bundling a for-girls-because-it’s-pink phone with cosmetics; because the most important thing ever in a juvenile human female’s existence should be OMGWRINKLES!!1!eleventy!

      Samsung and Aveda have decided to use an infantilising stereotype (pink) and package it with stuff that is not something any female child should be expected to want (skin conditioning cosmetics — because girl skin is JUST SO OLD AND DRY).

      It’s not about the colour, it’s about how much this attitude fucks us all up.

    2. Vinaigrette Girl

      “Designed to appeal to women” – because we’re so homogenous as a [sub]class of the greater category which is human = male-normative?

      So, would it be crap if the person in the picture was a gay man, because gay men do so care about their skin and they looooove pink! and shiny! and it’s fine to aim ads at the gay male audience …

      or would that be, um, stereotyping and patronising?

      1. Alan Bell

        It is perfectly fine to aim products and ads at the gay male audience. Not entirely sure that means “make it pink”, any more than designing a product for women necessitates pinkness. However gay men are equally non-homogenous as women are, and there will be some gay men totally up for owning a pink phone, as are some women. I totally agree with Melissa that pink gadgets are fine, and it is great that they exist, but bundling it with cosmetics is just plain odd, and steps over the line of having a diverse product range and into patronizing and just wrong.

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