Open thread: the geek in the mirror

Note from Mary: this was submitted for Wednesday Geek Woman. I want to keep the series to specific geek women, but I thought I’d use this for an open thread:

This is a guest post by Katie. Katie is a mostly a girl geek, photographer, bookworm, knitter, bellringer and activist. She lives and loves in London, England.

Her favourite geek woman is the “unknown” geek woman, the one out there who is living proof that being a geek is awesome, and that women are geeks too, even if she’s only known to her friends and family. This geek woman likes to learn, share and love, and she might not be a programmer or an intellectual, but she knows that you don’t have to be a typical nerd to be passionate about what you do, to be a geek. Katie likes to sing about the unsung heroines and heroes.

Yes, that might mean that you, the one reading this post right now, is her favourite geek woman :)

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This is an open thread, for your passions, your thoughts, and your songs. And anything else that strikes your fancy.

2 thoughts on “Open thread: the geek in the mirror

  1. Eva Bradshaw

    Felt honored to have a friend tell me that they thought of me when they read this post.

    Wanted to share a way for all of us to share what we see in the mirror by participating in an event set for Wednesday, November 10th, Picture Me in Computing

    You can upload a picture of yourself to show the world that there are plenty of women geeks out there!

  2. Kim


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