Wednesday Geek Woman: Tabitha Roder

This is a guest post.

Tabitha Roder is the leader of the One Laptop per Child volunteers in New Zealand. This is a group that meets every saturday in 3 cities across the country. This is the largest OLPC group, and their regular reliable contributions are a huge thing for the project.

One Laptop per Child is on a mission to give a laptop, loaded with education tools, to every one of the world’s poorest children. They’ve deployed millions of these laptops already to every single child and teacher across entire countries all around the world. The laptop goes to children who don’t have paper and pencils, who don’t have books. It is their education platform.

Tabitha formed the New Zealand group over three years ago, and has grown it into what it is today.

In November her contribution was recognised by the New Zealand Open source awards, where she won the prize for best contributor.

Tabitha spearheaded the OLPC deployment in Samoa in August 2010, spending two weeks in schools, installing the infrastructure, training teachers and handing out the laptops to every child and teacher.

Tabitha also organised the Education miniconf at the 2010 conference.

She also contributes to the open source elearning platform moodle.

Tabitha is also an electric vehicle enthusiast, and is part of the team building an electric racing car.

Tabitha’s personal website.
Details of Tabitha’s nomination (and winning) best contributor.

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