Guest posts

This page is only for guest post proposals. For general contacts, please go to the Contact us page.

Geek Feminism is open to guest posting: posts from writers around the ‘net on geek feminist subjects.


  1. Fill out the contact form at the end of this page, pitching your guest post. You need not submit an entire draft; a brief summary of your proposed topic is also okay.
  2. if we accept it, we will reply to you within 14 days to notify you

Please note: due to volunteer time, we will not respond to rejected posts. We do not accept guest post proposals that don’t show some indication that the writer has read our blog and understands its theme.
See below for more details.

Pitching a guest post

When pitching a post, please provide:

  • at the very least a specific topic you intend to cover and an outline of your post OR a full draft of the post
  • examples of your writing elsewhere on the web, for example, in your own blog

Examples of good pitches:

I would like to write a guest post about discrimination against women in mathematics. My post will discuss:

  • the history of women’s participation in mathematics
  • a few current findings out obstacles for women in mathematics
  • a couple of recent incidents that show that mathematics still has some way to go in welcoming women

Examples of my writing can be found at: [links, such as a couple of your favourite entries at your own blog]


I would like to have a guest post about discrimination against women in mathematics. Here’s the post:


[my bio]

[my entire blog post]


I would like to have a guest post about discrimination against women in mathematics. It’s already appeared on my blog:

[my bio]

[url of existing post]

Example of a bad pitch:

I would like to write a guest post for Geek Feminism! I can write on many topics, please let me know what you need me to write about.

Unfortunately Geek Feminism does not have the editorial resources to develop topics for you.

How to submit

Please submit your pitch using the contact form at the end of this page. It will not be publicly visible. If your post is accepted, you can expect to hear from us within two weeks.

We will not contact you with rejections. Please keep a copy of your post to post or submit elsewhere.

We do not require exclusive rights, and you may submit elsewhere while your post is under consideration here.


Guest posts should:

  • address a geek feminist or social justice issue. We define geekiness broadly, but we do require a geeky angle
  • have enough material for several paragraphs at a minimum
  • be written in clear understandable English where possible. We would like to include articles by less fluent English speakers and others who have any difficulty with English expression and we may be willing to copyedit your article, but please try and seek copyediting elsewhere first.
  • be explicit about addressing any subgroups: for example, if your article is about geeks in Australia, or comics geeks, or straight geeks, say so.
  • be consistent with the themes and values of the Geek Feminism blog, while also adding new insight or analysis that hasn’t been covered in previous posts. As such, we will almost certainly not accept your guest post if you haven’t read any previous posts on the blog.

Very long guest posts may be split into multiple posts.

Guest posts may:

  • have been published elsewhere, including in your own blog, as long as you have the right to give it to us for re-publication
  • be original content to be published for the first time
  • be about a specific incident or current event, about a general issue with geek culture, or anything in between
  • be republications of articles that appeared a long time ago on other sites, there’s no time limit on reappearing here

When writing about the geeky aspects of your topic, you can assume a reader familiar with and supportive of intersectional feminist principles and involved in one or more geeky communities or activities themselves, but should probably not assume more than this. We suggest that if you are discussing an issue in a specific geek activity or community that you provide some general background so as to orient and interest unfamiliar readers. We may not otherwise be able to even evaluate your article’s quality if none of the Geek Feminism bloggers are familiar with your activity or community.

Guest posts should not:

  • violate our comments policy
  • perpetrate other oppressions either actively or passively
  • use slurs, including but not limited to misogynist, racist and ableist slurs, unless reclaiming or analysing such slurs as applied to a group you are a member of
  • perpetrate invisibility by silently assuming that all our readers are women, that they’re all heterosexual, or that they all live in the USA (to give some common erroneous assumptions)
  • be a straightforward advertisement, either for a for-profit activity or even for community things like a call for papers or a free event. We require analysis or criticism rather than promotion. If you wish to promote an event or project, leave a comment on the latest Geek Feminism classifieds post.

Geek Feminism cannot:

  • offer full editorial services in helping you refine your pitch and rewrite your article, light copyediting and formatting is all we can offer
  • nag you about finishing your article. If you offer a guest post and do not deliver, we will not remind you.
  • pay you for your article

The quality of your post will be considered when deciding whether to guest post it.


Please use this contact form to submit your guest post. Use a real email address so that we can contact you if we accept your article.

This contact form is only for guest post proposals. For general contacts, please go to the Contact us page. We will ignore any messages other than guest post proposals that are submitted through this form.