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The wicked step-linkspammer (11th June, 2010)

  • tigtog highlights editorials and articles in Nature questioning sex bias in medical testing, particularly the exclusion of pregnant subjects.
  • harpers_child is angry: Batman fans asked DC Comics for a in-comic memorial for Stephanie Brown, a female Robin. And one of the DC Comics writers comes out with threats of violence over it.
  • Shelby Knox asks What Does a Feminist Wear?: So, what do you/would you wear to represent your feminism? Do you consciously choose your outfits before you go out to commit public acts of feminism? What are the fashion stereotypes of feminists that you would like to see shattered and are there some visual signifiers you’d like to keep around?
  • Hardcore Maleness: Let’s cut through the crap, shall we? The terms casual and hardcore are codes… Hardcore equals masculine. Casual equals feminine. It’s just that simple, and all the marketing-speak about core gamers won’t change that.
  • FEMINIST HULK has a big following on Twitter, now there’s more from the big green patriarchy-smashing machine: FEMINIST HULK SMASH EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH MS.!. Comics Alliance also introduces other feminist comic heroes on Twitter.
  • Alisa Krasnostein writes about The Invisibility of Women in Science Fiction about two recent attempts to highlight Big Names, which of all possible women candidates, included only Ursula Le Guin and Mary Shelley.
  • Moose J. Finklestein notes that despite an explicit comments policy against sexism, Comsumerist.com is unwilling to act when it happens.
  • Naomi Baker writes about how women in developing countries can be severely restricted by lack of access to menstrual products in High Cotton.
  • Kimli posts as part of a Twitter discussion of children at the Northern Voice social media conference: … it’s up to the parents to arrange something; not the Northern Voice organizers… but this year, no one arranged anything. People brought their children, and there was nowhere to put them.
  • Sumana Harihareswara interviews Elizabeth Smith, maintainer of PHP-GTK, for GNOME journal.

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Open Thread: Celebrating great geeky shirts for women

Many geeky women are pretty excited about the two “heroine” T’s that Thinkgeek is offering: Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie are currently featured. I’m a big fan of these because I love seeing more pretty, wear-anywhere designs on geeky shirts. The Open Solaris shirt I got at Grace Hopper is similarly pretty and as a result is among my most-used pieces of conference swag!

Someone pointed out to me that regular mortals can now buy the excellent Yahoo Code like a girl t-shirts. Can’t argue with text when it’s that much fun! Or what about ZaReason’s adorable “Friends Help Friends Use Linux” shirt? Perfect wear while you’re voting in the Ubuntu Women World Play Day Photo competition.

We often complain about the lack of options in geeky women’s shirts, and I know that’s a problem but it’s one we’ve discussed relatively recently, so let’s try to think positively: what shirts have you seen that are awesome and you’d like to own? Links to pictures encouraged!

Coveting other geeky gear? Just have another comment to share? This is an open thread, so anything goes!